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Big Tuna Express Car Wash

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  • Mobile, AL 36695
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    New Experience–Locally Owned and Operated

    Big Tuna Express Car Wash

    Welcome to Your Premium Car Wash Facility

    At Big Tuna, we set out to do something different. Our interest in car washes starts with an appreciation and love for automobiles. Taking care of your vehicle’s exterior is part of ensuring its longevity on the road and your enjoyment of the drive. For company vehicles, a clean car reflects your professionalism and brand values.

    Business and fleet accounts – please contact us with the name of your company, type of business, number of vehicles in fleet, email address and phone number. Click Here to request a fleet package custom quote.


    When we set out to create a car wash, we knew we wanted it to be something a little different. We researched what was available and on the market, plus what could be done to enhance the car wash experience for our Mobile customers.

    Big Tuna started with the equipment. Our facility offers the latest in car wash technology. Big Tuna invested in state-of-the-art cleaning equipment and materials. Big Tuna also took care to create a hassle-free customer experience from start to finish. Most car washes are treated like an in-and-out service. We’re always brainstorming ways to provide extra value to you, whether it’s offering discounts for military, law enforcement and first responders, as well as our corporate wash clubs for Uber, Lyft, Sidecar, Taxi and more including our most popular Family Plan where the entire family gets a discount on multiple vehicles!

    Our car wash is Eco-friendly, using minimal water with high-efficiency equipment, the water used is recaptured into reclaim tanks for recycling and purification, and all wash solutions are biodegradable. Feel good about looking good!